This beautifully crafted preserved boxwood wreath is the perfect addition to any traditional home design. Enveloped in vibrantly colored boxwood leaves and preserved to seal-in each leaf for long-lasting beauty. In order to keep this wreath looking fresh year after year, lightly mist once a month and  keep out of direct sunlight.

  • Indoor use ONLY!
  • A lot of us, LOVE the look of a preserved boxwood on our doors, but like any real flower, these will not last forever outside. Weather, season, and temperature will effect the longivity of your preserved boxwood wreath. We do not recommend it for doors that get direct sunlight or ones have no covering.
  • Don't think think the preserved is right for you? Try one of our faux boxwood wreaths! 
  • 16" Diameter

16" Preserved Boxwood Round Wreath




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